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Advice on educational matters
In Denmark, employers, employees and educational institutions work closely together on education within the graphic industry.

GA participates in the national graphic trade committee and therefore plays an important part in decision-making concerning the content and structure of vocational educations.

GA members are offered advice within a wide range of subjects relating to training and education, e.g. about trainees, reimbursements and grants as well as laws on vocational education, etc.

Many companies are also interested in further education.GA advises and informs companies about the rules of the agreements and legislation and the opportunities for financial support for the continuing education of the employees.

Continuing training
GA participates in the national vocational training committee, and guides its members in questions regarding the employees’ options for participating in continuing training and on the possibility for financial support.
Furthermore, companies can be advised on the rules for continuing training of the employees in relation to agreements and legislation.