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Environmental consultancy
GA has several environment consultants offering consultancy and service with regard to:
  Environment legislation and best practice.
  Design of the working environment.
  Energy efficiency.
  Management systems.
  Research and development projects.
  Policies on occupational health and safety.
  Advice on the application of Eco-labels.
GA’s environment department has business expertise in the field of environment and working environment with many years of experience in advising on legislation and best practice.

Through actual projects in hundreds of graphic companies and several research and development projects, GA has achieved wide-ranging experience. Because of this business experience, GA has a suite of thoroughly tested tools and systems that make both structuring and implementation of many tasks more straightforward and cost effective.

An environmental database
With the support from The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and the Trade Council of Denmark, GA has launched an environmental website (www.miljonet.org). Miljonet.org. is a knowledge database containing a large volume of the current knowledge of the environmental influences in the field of printed products. The website contains hundreds of articles related to environmental subjects.

Industry and the environment
The graphic industry in Denmark is leading in the promotion and use of eco-labels, eco-management and life cycle analyses.

Today, a significant proportion of graphic companies have a certified eco-management system (ISO 14001 or EMAS), and the industry accounts for up to half of the licences for the environmental label; The Nordic Swan.